Since the passion for fashion was born in me, a series of questions, apparently trivial began to occupy my mind: what things are designers inspired by? How can the designer`s culture affect their creations? Is the influenceof culture a personal choice of the artist or is it mostly unconscious?

As for me, it was my personal experience of immigration that made these questions grow up inside my head. On one hand, a journey of a migrant evokes loss, suffering, pain, and call to respond to what needs to be preserved that is my previous cultural ties, and what needs to be revised or abandoned. On the other hand, it refers to growth, new encounters, and possibilities.

This experience that I define as a disorienting experience questions the aspects deeper than my own personal and cultural identity which has made me realize how much, in fact, I am related to Persian art and tradition. 

It was the nostalgia of the colors and themes used in carpets and architecture that made me try to look for similar things between my background culture and the new world that hosted me.

I remember how I used to play on carpets pretending to be in a garden full of flowers. Also the reflection of lights in glasses that created unique and unforgettable effects, but what intrigud me was the inability to see through windows and check what was behind them. So  Irealized that the geometric shapes of girih, toranj, shah abbasi and mirrors in the carpets and windows were not only part of their themes, but also  part of my life and the cultural context in which I grow up. Moreover, they are part of me and my way of thinking and seeing the world.

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